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Hello! And welcome to Q Advisors. We are so glad to have you here! Let us introduce ourselves. It will take you only a minute to realize that you have, finally, arrived to the best equity release advice team in the whole United Kingdom. You will find out why hundreds of happy clients recommend us to their friends and family. We know what is important and we go for it. Feel safe and relieved to know that now you will never be scammed again! With our great advice, only the best is awaiting for you. Let's start with our tour!

Who are we?

We are a young, energetic, passionate team of brokers, real estate advisors and accounters who work together to provide the best service of the market. But don't let our young and pretty faces fool you! We are fearsome experts in the field of real estate financing and we know exactly what is best for you. Not only that, but we are also looking forward to telling you all the answes, so you can have the best real estate financing experience.

We offer tailored and high quality service for all of our clients. We schedule appointments with you so we can hear the details of your requests, exhaustively review your financial status and evaluate your possibilities, design multiple financing schemes, and help you decide which one is the best for you. We also offer follow-up services on all your transactions.

Also, don't forget our matchless and brand new virtual calculator! Now of free trial for everybody, you can download our software and start calculating how much you could make out of your property and what is the rate that you are more likely to find. Send us your e-mail through our contact form and we will send you back the link to your free calculator trial download!


What financial schemes do we cover?

Will you also help me implement my decision? 

All that exist. We understand them perfectly and we can counsel you on which one is the best for your case, and explain why. However, you will always be free to choose any option that you like. Sometimes, there is not one clear number one choice, but rather two or more possibilities that will have different advantages and disadvantages. In these cases, we will advice you so you can make your choice according to your preferences.


Of course we will! We are not just advisors, we are also brokers! And there is even more. We have access to premium conditions on market! We will get you the best blans with several dealers that we know for sure that are trustworthy and convenient. With us, you will access great benefits and unbelievable discounts in your trade fees and equity release rates. Don't worry about getting scammed!





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Words from our customers

Betty Ferguson

"I love how Q Advisors make complicated things easy. I think that it's their best talent. For me, it made the difference. I was able to understand what was going on and make my choices. Just amazing."

Denise Matthews

"I am completely satisfied about the Q Advisors service. They were able to answer every question and solve every problem. Now the only thing that I still have no answer for is... what does the Q stand for?"

Ben Adler

"It is great to see this group of people working. They are so energetic and they love their work so much. It was a nice experience to be amongst them. The Q Advisors team made me feel part of the whole thing."